The "Belmont Global" name first appeared in 1999 in the Caspian Region, introduced by Jeffrey Farrow, who had been a key figure in the region since 1995. He had been instrumental in regional post-independence financial market development and advisory projects related to privatisation, regional inward investment and insurance. Early clients included European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank, as well as Azerbaijan's Oil Fund and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Belmont Global went on to support several regional banks, Willis (the multinational reinsurance and Lloyd's brokers) and Caspian Business News (the regional English language business broadsheet). Further work related to Baku's Sangachal Oil Terminal took the team deeper into the regional oil and gas sector, leading to assignments in both Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. In 2010, Belmont Global was tasked with exploring oil trading links in the Region and that in turn lead to the company developing relationships in the Far East and later relocating to UAE. Dubai presented fresh opportunities and current focus and holdings are in property on the Black Sea; crude oil and refined product procurement, and various international advisory assignments.

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